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body piercing
Body jewelry size conversion charts
Body jewelry size conversion charts

Body jewelry colour charts
-Stone colour
-Anodized colour

1.Cleaning ,any piercings need strict disinfection needlinginstrument can be used once then can keep safe to use .
2.It maybe inflamed and painful on the early satage.remember disinfecting 1-2 times everyday . cleaning the holes and piercing jewelry .
3.Keep the surface of the wound clean and dry .avoid sewage when washing .
4.You can choose sample jewelry first time , after it healed every styles can be ok .
5.During the last 3 days ,avoide spicy foods .the men whom hadtoung piercing juice diet pls.
6.Dear friends ,Pls choose innoxious and not easy allergic material .By contrast ,gold ,siliver ,316L stell ( with Mo,corrosion-resistant and strong ,usually used in medical equipment )and titanium is very good to use .
7.It still need periddic cleaning after healed .the skin of the fistula have eubolism also,will have fall off scurfy .it will pile up .bacterialdecomposition .maybe infect again .pls take down the jewelry clean it carefully .can also clean fistula if it is big enough .
8.Fistula will be smaller and even close up if long time no wear the jewelry .so if still want it ,can wear jewelries usually .if don’t want have it ,regardless of it after some months it will be healed itself or leave small scar .