Body Jewelry History

Body jewelry is used in body piercing, and the most common piercings are seen in the ears, nose and belly button.
The ear lobes are the most basic place for a piercing, as it is soft and probably the least painful. Other areas that can be pierced include eyebrows, lip, cheek tongue, genitals, belly button and nipples


  • Earrings, probably the most popular body jewelry, are thought to have come from western Asia around 3000 BC. Everyday use of earrings has been recorded on coins, vase illustrations and terra-cotta figurines.

    In the 1930s, earrings were transformed with the clip-on invention. This fastened earrings tighter than screw-ons. As a result, clip-ons became trendier for several decades.

    Becoming light and slick, earring design developed more in the 1950s, when they began to move. And in the 1960s, earrings were starting to be worn for fun or as symbols of freedom to express ones self.

    Another popular body jewelry piece, the navel ring, has been around since the time of the Aztecs. They were also common among the Incas, Egyptians and other ancient tribes. Navel piercings indicated one’s status, courage in battle or a spiritual connection with gods.